Wavin Road Gullies (incl Fabricated)


By collecting rainwater and dirt from road surfaces, gullies help minimize the risk of flooding and water damage.
The gully is placed in the road at the relevant location. Water and dirt flows into the gully and solid and floatable waste are separated from the water. The dirt stays behind in the gully and the water moves to the sewer or stormwater system.
Wavin’s gullies are easy to connect to our stormwater management systems using AquaCells.

Properties & applications


  • Un-trapped body moulded in one-piece Polypropylene Copolymer having high impact strength even at 0°C.
  • Diameter: 510 mm Body – 568 mm Flange Depth: Min= 910 Max=920 mm
  • Capacity: Trapped 97Litres, Untrapped 115 Litres
  • Weight: Body 6,10kg – Trap 1,10kg


Road gully is a drainage pit covered by an open metal grating located on the road edge. It’s purpose is to drain rain water from the roadway into the sewerage system. It is used in systems as:

  • Drainage
  • Infiltration Systems

Features & benefits

  • Allows rainwater from buildings to permeate surrounding subsoils
  • Drains the highway
  • Easy to connect to storm water management system
  • Collects most of the road dirt before it flows into the sewerage system

Standards & approvals

Dubai Municipality Drainage Road Approval