Wavin HEP2O


Hep2O® is the professional polybutylene (PB) push-fit plumbing system for hot and cold water and central heating. It offers a fully comprehensive range of white fittings and unique features designed to reduce installation time and improve operating performance:

  • In4Sure™ joint recognition
  • Secure demounting with the new HepKey™ system
  • New SmartSleeve™ for easy pipe insertion.

Properties & applications


Polybutylene (PB)


The Hep2O range comes with a wide variety of pipes, (demountable) fittings and manifolds in 10, 15, 22 and 28 mm (non-standard sizes on request). Hep2O pipes are available as standard and barrier pipe (incorporating an oxygen barrier to inhibit oxygen permeation). All Hep2O fittings are designed to also connect directly to copper pipework.

Features & benefits

In4Sure joint recognition

In4Sure tells you when the pipe is inserted. Just insert the pipe into the fitting then rotate it. If it’s fully inserted you will feel a ‘rumbling’ sensation, caused by the profiled end of the pipe support sleeve making contact with the castellated seat inside the fitting.

New SmartSleeve

The clever design of the SmartSleeve pipe support sleeve reduces the force required to push the pipe into the fitting.

New HepKey demounting system

The new HepKey makes demounting quick, easy and tamper-proof, so joints only come apart when you want them to.

Highly flexible, white PB pipe

Easily cabled into position and fewer fittings required. With the straight coil technology the pipe stays straight when uncoiled.

Compatible with copper pipe

All fittings are compatible with copper pipe – ideal for renovation.

Streamlined, white fitting

The white colour combined with a slim, streamlined and altogether more stylish design, means Hep2O fittings are well accepted for ‘on view’ or ‘on show’ applications.

Colour coded packaging

Packaging is colour coded for easy identification: 10 mm green, 15 mm blue, 22 mm red, 28 mm orange.


Hep2O is suitable for most domestic and commercial plumbing applications: hot and cold water services and heating. In addition to new construction, the extreme flexibility of the Hep2O pipe means it is the ideal solution for renovation, system extensions and situations where space is restricted. This means Hep2O is widely used on mobile homes, portable homes and boats, as well as in traditional residential and commercial plumbing installations. The compatibility of Hep2O fittings with copper ensures a simple, fast and reliable method of jointing to traditional materials on site. Hep2O pipe is also the ideal material for use in conduit ‘pipe-in-pipe’ installations where the combination of pipe flexibility and straight coil technology gives significant advantages for ease of handling compared to other pipe materials.