Wavin HDPE Drainage System


Wavin HDPE system consists of a soil, waste and vent pipes and fittings manufactured from high-density polyethylene (PE HD). This tough and durable HDPE solution offers an extraordinary chemical resistance in combination with a high flexibility level and great impact resistance.

Wavin HDPE pipes and fittings are joined by welding, which improves resistance. Most Wavin HDPE products can also be used as part of negative pressure installations like siphonic roof drainage.

Properties & applications


PE – HD Density polyethylene


Pipes and fittings with dimensions between 40mm and 315mm




  • Melt flow index: 0.3 – 0.89 g/10 min
  • Coefficient of expansion: 0.2 mm/m °C
  • UV resistance: given by carbon content of 2 – 2.5 %
  • Fire behaviour: DIN 4102, B2

Features & benefits

  • High-temperature resistance: resistant to temperatures of up to 90°C for continuous temperature and 100°C short term
  • Flexibility: well suited to assemblies subjected to vibration (ideal for use in seismic zones and across expansion joints)
  • UV resistance: With the addition of a percentage of carbon black, HDPE is UV-stabilised and can therefore be installed outdoors without degradation problems
  • Ease of welding: An advantage of Wavin HDPE is that it can be welded (both by butt welding and with electrofusion joints), thereby providing a perfectly sealed system
  • Low weight: its lightness makes transportation and handling easy
  • Low-temperature resistance: pipes withstand water freezing
  • Impact resistance: pipes have a high impact strength at temperatures as low as -40°C. This ruggedness makes handling of pipes easy during installation
  • Smooth Bore: optimum flow of any type of waste material and self-cleaning of pipes
  • Fire Hazards: doesn’t issue any toxic gases during combustion
  • Wavin HDPE connection seals: quick-fit coupling and expansion joint seals remain resistant to wastewater from household appliances, laboratories and hospitals. The seals are produced from an elastomer which guarantees sealing and durability even in extreme conditions
  • Domestic waste-water system: tensile resistant joint technology guarantees the highest levels of leakage security. The Wavin HDPE waste-water piping system complies with DIN 19535 and DIN EN 1519 and is resistant to the effects of hot water. It meets the requirements of DIN EN 12056 and DIN 1986 -100 (95° short-term loading).
  • Rainwater piping: HDPE piping can be used in low-pressure systems to drain free surface waters and rainwater.
  • Industrial waste-water: the Wavin PE system is resistant to aggressive chemicals. Further details about the chemical resistance of PE-HD can be found in our technical brochure. Manufacture and testing Wavin HDPE piping complies with the technical specifications in DIN EN 1519 and DIN 19535 Part 2 as tested by the National Materials Testing Facility.

Standards & approvals

Wavin HDPE is a universal system approved for pipe installation in buildings to DIN 19535 and DIN EN 1519

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