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Trusted Performance: Sustainably manufactured PVC-U fittings and valves engineered for swimming pool applications and irrigation systems

Founded in Italy in 1982, GF TPA offers high-performance PVC-U piping components for swimming pool applications and irrigation systems at a price point specific to customer needs while compiling with industry standards such as ISO 9001 and 14001.

Properties & applications

Reliable solutions for Swimming Pool applications

Swimming pool piping systems are often hidden in technical rooms or underground. This results in various crucial requirements valves and fittings have to bring. On the one hand, piping components must be as compact as possible to fit into confined spaces. On the other hand, they need to be durable and robust to ensure failsafe operation and avoid

Sustainable Irrigation systems

By offering optimized solutions for irrigation systems, we at GF Piping Systems contribute to a more sustainable future by providing high-quality PVC-U valves and fittings to guarantee failsafe operation, longevity, and peace of mind. With the irrigation range GF Piping Systems can offer a cost-effective solution to those critical installations.

Reduced ecological footprint

During the production process, waste is reduced to a minimum thanks to the internal recycling of raw materials.

Standards compliant

Our swimming pool and irrigation valves and fittings fulfill all the mandatory international industry standards, backed by 100 years of combined experience in PVC-U.

Global availability

Worldwide sales, service, and availability of products from our trusted global partner network.

100% corrosion-free

High-quality valves and fittings ensure the longevity of the whole system. No incrustation for reliable long-term operation ensures safe and reliable water flow.

TP Piping