GF PVC Pressure System


Of all plastics, the most widely used in pipe installation is unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U), mainly because it is highly suitable for both interior and exterior applications as well as for buried pipelines. It has excellent chemical resistance which, combined with smoothness of bore, eliminates build-up of scale and gives good flow characteristics which remain constant throughout its working life. PVC-U is odourless and tasteless, and therefore suitable for conveying drinking water and many food products. It has good abrasion resistance and weathering qualities and affords thermal and electrical insulation. PVC-U is light and clean to handle and can be easily jointed.

Properties & applications

PVC-U shows very good characteristics in the temperature range from 0-60 ˚C. Ensuring the highest possible thermal stability and chemical resistance, PVC-U systems stand up to the most demanding conditions, particularly when acids, bases and salts are transported. The universal solution covers all aspects of safety, efficiency and reliability required to build, maintain, and operate industrial piping systems.


uPVC Pressure

(Tin stabilised compound conforming to the EEC safety levels for vinyl chloride monomer -VCM- and the WRC requirements for use with potable water.)


Available in 20 – 200mm diam (metric) and 3/8’’ to 24’’ (imperial)


With its excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, the PVC-U System offers numerous fields of application. The system is widely used in the chemical and textile industries, water and drinking water treatment and vacuum lines.
Pressure rating: PN9class C, PN12 class D and PN 15class E (imperial), PN6, PN10 and PN16 (metric)

Features & benefits

  • Easy jointing and installation
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Standards & approvals

  • PVC-U fittings in imperial sizes for solvent cement jointing are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 1452 (Formally BS 4346 : Part1)
  • Kitemark Certificate + WRAS approval