Molecor PVC-O Pressure System


Since its foundation in 2006, Molecor has continuously invested in R&D, becoming the world leader in the development of Technology applying Molecular Orientation to pipeline solutions.

The idea of manufacturing Oriented PVC pipes in a more efficient way, expanding the range of products, applications and functions, has led the company to install thousands of kilometers of its TOM® PVC-O pipes in the five continents, together with the ecoFITTOM® PVC-O fittings more recently; fittings developed exclusively by Molecor and with which the company offers an integral solution in PVC-O which allows all elements of the network to have the same properties, characteristics and advantages.

Pipes are an element of great importance in the projection and design of the different networks, and for their correct choice, their contrasted quality must be taken into account, as well as their hydraulic capacity and their durability in time to stay in service without being affected by mechanical or chemical actions or by the micro and macro-organisms present in nature.

Properties & applications

EcoFITTOM® PVC-O fittings, the first fittings in the world in this material, present excellent improvements in the mechanical properties of PVC. The ecoFITTOM® fittings, made 100% of PVC-O, guarantee continuity with PVC networks, including TOM® pipes. With these elements a greater homogeneity in the mechanical and hydraulic properties of the network is achieved.

ecoFITTOM® are fully compatible with all kinds of PVC infrastructure pipes such as PVC-O, PVC-U and PVC-M.

Designed with a curvature radius of 1.5 times the DN, the ecoFITTOM fittings help to reduce the head losses of the conveyed fluid.

ecoFITTOM® are delivered with top quality gaskets formed by a polypropylene ring and a synthetic rubber lip which are integral part of the fitting, preventing them from moving from their emplacement while being installed.


Oriented unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-O).Nominal Pressure: 16 bar.

Temperature Rating:
EcoFITTOM® PVC-O fittings are highly resistant to extreme temperatures:

WRAS sanitary certificate, (UK). EcoFITTOM® PVC-O fittings.