Horobin Testing Equipment


Horobin is the leading supplier of Drain and Sewer Testing Equipment for use in Europe, Middle East and Australasia. Test Plugs are used to perform Pressure Tests on all types of pipes – (British Standards BS8301:1985 and BS8005:1987, and European Standard EN1610:1997 apply.)

It is a Regulatory Requirement that any new Home Extension, Office Block, Hospital, School, Industrial Estate, Prison, Shopping Mall, Airport or Motorway must have the Drains Pressure Tested before they can be used, and Horobin supplies the complete range of Equipment.

Properties & applications


Suitable Pipe Materials are PVC, Clay, Malleable Iron, HDPE, PPR, Concrete – Spun and Cast, Carbon and Stainless Steel.


  • Steel Test Plugs – 40mm up to 450mm
  • Aluminium Test Plugs – 40mm up to 600mm
  • Multi-lock Steel Test Plugs – 450mm to 3,000mm
  • PVC Inflatable Sealing Bags
  • PVC Inflatable Testing Bags
  • Canvas Inflatable Air Bags
  • ATO Inflatable Pipe Stopper
  • MDPE/HDPE Test Plugs – for Pressure Testing to 6bar
  • Inflatable Pipe stoppers, High Pressure – 75mm up to 1,000mm
  • Air Testing Kits – for carrying out Air Pressure Tests to BS.8005/EN1610 Super Nylon Testing Plugs
  • Drain Tracing Dye
  • High Pressure Testing Plug – 300 Range
  • High Pressure Testing Plug – 350 Range
  • Drain Rods & Tools Polypropylene
  • Sets Lockfast Steel Rods & Tools
  • Manhole Cover & Grid Lifting Keys
  • Standpipes & Key

For further details on products please download the brochure here

Standards & Approvals

  • British Standards BS8301:1985 and BS8005:1987
  • European Standard EN1610:1997