Hepworth Irrigation System


Water supply deficit requires an adequate technical management for the use of controlled amounts of water to feed agricultural crops and gardens at regular intervals.
Modern irrigations systems are divided into different types:

  • Surface irrigation: designers will take into account the soil type (texture and intake rate), slope, levelness of the field, stream size, and length of run;
  • Drip irrigation: dripping water through a filter into special drip pipes, with emitters located at different spacing;
  • Sprinkler irrigation: method of applying water to a controlled manner that is similar to rainfall through a system of machineries;
  • Subsurface irrigation: drip irrigation below the ground surface.

We provide leak proof, durable and UV stabilised products, whose size varies according to different requirements and applications.

Properties & applications


  • uPVC
  • HDPE
  • LLDP
  • LDPE

Product range

  • Hepworth Pressure pipes
  • +GF+ PVC Fittings
  • Hepworth PE Pipes
  • GF+ PE fittings
  • Philmac compression fittings
  • Piage Cables
  • Carson Valve Box
  • Orival self-cleaning filters
  • LLDP pipes
  • Stakes
  • Decantable warning tapes for irrigation cables
  • Compression fittings for drip tubes
  • Adhesive system
  • Parabond
  • Slotted pipes
  • Class C LDPE pipe
  • PEX Brass gate valves
  • Duct and conduit pipes.


Irrigation systems are used for agricultural, industrial and residential applications. Our team of experts will provide insightful advice on the right system for each different requirement.

Features & benefits

  • Smooth inner bore that gives consistent flow
  • UV stabilized – can be exposed to sunlight for short periods
  • Fast and leak proof joints
  • Variety of jointing techniques even on live line