Hepworth GRP Water Tanks


A Glass Reinforced Plastic Water Tank, or GRP Water Tank, is a water storage unit made from glass reinforced plastic, a material also known as fiberglass. Glass Reinforced Plastic is produced through layering and combining glass fibres: each fibre is woven together to produce a flexible material that is placed into a mould. Polyester resin is then added to the material, strengthening the fiberglass fabric until its final, rigid state.

GRP – Hot pressed sectional panel type water tanks are suitable for large-sized panels. Their unique structure exploits horizontal and vertical spaces at their fullest through the usage of different sizes of panels.

Properties & applications


Fiberglass, a glass reinforced plastic material.


The GRP sectional potable water tank is suitable for various applications such as:

  • Cold water storage
  • Firefighting
  • Irrigation.

Features & benefits

  • Water resistance: withstanding highly aggressive weather (cold/hot);
  • Lightweight: impressive strength-to-weight load-bearing performance;
  • Long life span: designed to last 25 years (also maintenance free, compared to steel and aluminium products);
  • Low cost: its lightweight also reduces transport costs as no heavy lifting equipment is required to on/offload;
  • Easily manoeuvrable: reducing the overall installation costs significantly;
  • Variety of different shapes, sizes and colours: it can be supplied in special shapes (such as L Shaped tanks), or in a specific colour.

What our team of experts can do for you

  • Designing Water Tank as per capacity requirement according to your needs;
  • Site visiting for Water Tanks locations suitability ( Roof, Basement, Ground. Etc);
  • Inspecting Foundations for Water Tanks checks in terms of levelling and dimensions;
  • Providing load capacity( dead weight and live weight) for Water tanks;
  • Furnishing AutoCAD drawings for Water Tanks and Foundation to the customer.
  • Installing Water Tanks in minimum time;
  • Carrying out the Testing and Commissioning of Water Tanks in your presence;
  • Issuing warranty and completion certificates upon successful installations;
  • After sales visits to the sites for troubleshooting (Leakage, Damage…etc).