GF Hycleen


The Hycleen Automation System from GF Piping Systems supports the maintenance of drinking water hygiene in large buildings. It ensures stable water temperatures, flushes the pipes, maintains the circulation valves, and logs all data.

Properties & applications

The Hycleen Automation System is a state-of-the-art circulation control system that is quick and easy to install and commission. It also gives the possibility of automated flushing of the water lines and allows for all system data to be logged, evaluated and displayed on a 10-inch touch screen. All system data can be conveniently monitored remotely; status information and unusual occurrences are reported via push messages.

The system offers various methods of intelligent hydraulic balancing in order to achieve the best possible solution for every drinking water installation: from dynamic hydraulic balancing, which reacts to usage, to programmable static balancing, where each individual valve automatically adjusts to the optimal leakage rate for the system concerned.

If water stagnates over a prolonged period, bacteria can multiply in it until a dangerous concentra- tion is reached. If the entire volume in the drinking water distribution system (cold and hot water) is exchanged within three days, the bacteria are flushed out of the drinking water installation and a high bacteria concentration can be counteracted in a sustainable way. The Hycleen Automation System enables automatic flushing of cold and hot water supply lines based on temperature, time or consumption. Each flushing process is recorded and logged.


Numerous operators of complex buildings such as hotels, hospitals, schools, apartment blocks or industrial plants use the Hycleen Automation System for optimizing drinking water hygiene. The system can be installed in both new and existing buildings.

Features & benefits

For planners/installation engineers For technical managers For commercial managers
Hygiene • Support in project processing through competent assistance

• Modular planning tool, including BIM and CAD database

• High flexibility thanks to the latest automation technology

• Hydraulic balancing is easily guaranteed in new or existing buildings

• Continuous development of the system based on many years of experience and research in the field of drinking water hygiene

High degree of safety thanks to continuous monitoring of the critical system parameters (temperature, flows, etc.)

• Automatic alarm in case of malfunctions or deviations

• Remote monitoring and remote control via Hycleen Connect possible

• System optimization through the detection of vulnerabilities

• Automatic weekly maintenance of the electric valves

• Enables permanent compliance with the legal temperature limits

• Continuous traceability thanks to automatic logging function

• Early problem detection minimizes the risk of consequential costs

• Prevention of intervention measures and the associated costs

Convenience Reliable, fast planning thanks to simple rules for dimensioning

• Simplified calculation of the hydraulic balance thanks to substantiated data basis

• Applications and parameters easy to program

• Carefree commissioning with plug & play

• Intelligent data evaluation for continuous system adjustment

• Short response time through alerts in case of malfunctions in the drinking water installation

• Standards-compliant logging based on legal requirements

• Easy digital adjustment in case of changes to limit values under the relevant standards

• System commissioned quickly and simply, no costs for manual valve adjustment

• Regular automatic maintenance of valves, no additional costs

• Less risk of a system breakdown thanks to permanent data analysis and preventative maintenance

• Early detection of system breakdowns (circulation pump for example)

• Clearly arranged dashboards for simple analysis of the system status

Energy Optimization • Targeted compliance with today’s and future legally prescribed energy saving measures

• Compliance with the Green Building concept and the certification standards of BREEAM, LEED or other labels through high flexibility

• Permanent temperature monitoring and regulation

• Facility to optimize the system by lowering the system temperature to the legally prescribed minimum

• Reduction of the flow through optimized leakage rates and performance regulation of the circulation pump

• Energy consumption reduced while ensuring drinking water hygiene at the same time

• Energy savings through the option of reducing the system temperature to the legally prescribed minimum

• Energy saving potential through dynamic and continuous system monitoring

• Investment often returned quickly thanks to the energy saved

Simplicity • Conventional interfaces for the building management system (BACnet IP and REST API)

• Easy installation in new or existing systems

• One Master for controlling all applications

• Automation of the drinking water installation made simple with the actuator automation application

• Plug & play for commissioning (same cable for power supply and data transmission)

• Touchscreen for simple, intuitive operation

• LED lamp on the controllers indica- te’s the valves function and status

• Easy integration into new or existing systems

• Easy data evaluation via Master, Hycleen Connect or BMS

• Touchscreen for simple, intuitive system operation (no costs for external qualified technicians)