GF Fuseal


FUSEAL® thermoplastic corrosive waste piping system ensures the highest degree of protection from hazardous liquids, providing secure transfer of waste chemicals, keeping the environment and people safe.

Fuseal® is a full-system solution from “sink to drain” with off- site fabrications ensuring a straightforward installation. The option of dual containment provides added security when required.

Suitable for use anywhere where mixtures of acids, bases and solvents are conveyed, where stainless steel, cast iron, clay and generic plastic materials fail to stand up to the corrosive nature of certain waste streams. Most major pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and the top universities worldwide have FUSEAL® currently installed.

Properties & applications


Fittings Size Material Connection
FUSEAL 38mm to 152mm Flame retardant polypropylene New electrofusion locking collar
FUSEAL Fast-Lock TM 38 mm to 102 mm Flame retardant polypropylene Mechanical joint
FUSEAL 203mm to 356mm

406mm to 457mm

Flame and non-flame retardant polypropylene Electrofusion

Butt fusion


  • Flame retardant polypropylene.
  • Non-flame retardant polypropylene.


  • School, college and university laboratories: During experiments, lessons and tests, laboratories need to safely discharge hazardous chemicals. With FUSEAL® the corrosive waste is securely drained away.
  • Hospitals and the health sector: The health sector requires a vast array of chemicals to undertake tests and processes. FUSEAL® has been expertly designed to meet these needs.
  • Chemical process: Industrial applications and factories where the processing of chemicals takes place, is another typical application where FUSEAL® can safely evacuate corrosive waste.
  • Utilities: Water treatment, where the monitoring of the quantity, quality, filtering, pH levels, particulate matter, salts, and chlorine levels are all important in delivering clean water across the globe.
  • Food and beverage: In applications where chemicals are required to clean and maintain a high level of hygiene, such as food & beverage, FUSEAL® can securely deal with corrosive waste to help maintain the hygiene levels required.

Features & benefits

  • Low installation cost with maintenance-free service
  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Flame retardant PP 38mm to 152mm as standard
  • Both non-flame and flame retardant PP options
  • 203mm to 457mm
  • High temperature, intermittent discharges up to
  • 100°C, continuous up to 82°C
  • Electrofusion and mechanical jointing technologies
  • Lightweight, easy to use welding machine
  • Full system solution
  • Off-site fabrications
  • Dual containment option

Standards & approvals

  • Flame retardant with UL-94 rating of V-2, and ASTM D635 rating of HB
  • ASTM F1412, ASTM D4101 and ASTM D635
  • Capable of being installed in accordance with EN12056 and EN1852-1