Dacta PPR Pressure System


The Dactatherm PPR system is recognized for being a reliable solution for Hot & Cold Water distribution applications in all buildings. Pipes are available in SDR6 suitable to high temperature and pressure and in standard monolayer pipes and Fiberglass reinforced. We provide multilayer pipes as well.

Dactatherm is produced in diameters between 20mm and 160mm with a wide and comprehensive range of fittings and accessories to cover most of the designers and installers requirements. The product is fully accredited by international bodies and local authorities. The quality of raw material and the high manufacturing technology used ensure long-life reliable products. System life time is more than 50 years (under normal working conditions).

Properties & applications


  • PPR 80 SDR6
  • PPR Glass reinforced Pipes SDR6


  • PPR 80 SDR6: 20mm – 160mm
  • PPR Fiberglass: 20mm – 160mm
  • PPR Fittings 20mm – 110mm


Cold and Hot water distribution networks inside all types of buildings

Features & benefits

  • Smooth inner surface
  • High temperature resistance
  • Long term service life under aggressive working conditions
  • Non toxic
  • Long lifetime over 50 years


During transportation and storage, DACTA Therm piping system components could be exposed to open air at any temperature for a short period of time provided that it is kept in the shade protected from direct sunlight. However, at temperatures below 0°C, the material becomes more susceptible to damage if hard blows are delivered. Hence, at low temperature, the material has to be treated with more caution. It is not recommended that DACTA Therm pipes and fittings be stored in open air for a long period of time.

Additionally, a solid base is recommended to avoid any deformation of pipes during transportation and storage. Even though DACTA Therm pipes are extremely robust it is recommended to treat the material with care.

Standards & approvals

  • DIN 8077/78 and ISO 15874-2
  • WRAS
  • SKZ
  • DVGW