Specialized Solutions

Tailored innovation , inspired by you

GF Corys considers the diversity of its customers and their requirements as a challenge and opportunity at the same time. This is where the key to individual benefit lies. With the individual needs and your application in focus, customizing teams develop the solution that fits best. Nowadays, roughly 55% of construction projects are late, with an average overrun of about 30% of the original duration. For owners, a delay means loss of revenue through lack of production facilities, rentable space or dependence on present facilities. For contractors, it means higher overhead costs because of a longer work period, higher material costs through inflation, or labor cost increases. This, without mentioning the claims that result from delays, which cost a substantial amount of money to the faulty part. There is a strong connection between delays, failures and ineffective performance of contractors on site. Aside from delays, the next major risk projects are facing, emerge from the costs of non-quality, which we estimate to go beyond 10%, as a combination of direct costs (several studies consider to be between 4% and 6% of the total project costs) and in indirect costs (that go up to a 72% out of the direct costs). Certified quality management supports customers in reducing their exposure to these risks. 

Mitigate the risk, limit the on-site works to the strictly necessary, and ensure ontime completion: that’s what the customizing expertise offered by GF Corys is about. With Specialized Solutions, GF Corys provides project support every step of the way to achieve construction excellence. Custom Design & Prefabrication Solutions offers the opportunity to address a customer’s specific needs during the planning and design phase, within the Specialized Solutions range by GF Corys. GF Corys supports the conception and design process of a project from the outset to ensure that a sustainable and efficient solution is achieved. Whether in the selection of the right plastic solution from our extensive portfolio, the management of complex sub-projects, or quality control based on recognized international standards – you can benefit from Specialized Solutions for all application areas and references from a wide range of industries across the entire product range