Water Distribution

Water Distribution

Keep your flow under control – Our optimized water distribution solutions help you lower costs and increase safety.

GF Corys leads the way in long-lasting, corrosion, and maintenance-free solutions for water distribution by offering fast, safe and customized installations. Our comprehensive piping components, jointing technologies, control systems, and customized services increase efficiency, reliability, safety, and longevity. GF Corys systems result in zero leakage for an estimated lifetime of 100 years.

Long-lasting solutions

In the utility sector, the corrosion-free systems made of Polyethylene provide long-lasting solutions with an estimated lifetime of 100 years.

Reliable and optimized networks

Our high-quality PE plastic systems warrant the best leakage-free installation. By providing the right piping components and optimized welding machines, GF Corys guarantees economical, reliable, and safe operations.

Guaranteed installation quality and customizing

Our specialized solutions include Ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) that provides testing options at the point of installation. It evaluates and provides you with scientific proof that the welds are secure. Our customizing teams develop custom made parts and off-site prefabrication. With prefabrication, customers can reduce the assembly work and time-on-site.

Better control of your pressure

Our state of art pressure management technology can prevent over-pressurizing your pipes while delivering accurate, stable flow, and increased flow capacity to your customers. The significantly reduced weight and corrosion free polymer body of the smart valve can decrease installation costs by 30-40%.

Our Portfolio

GF PE Pressure System

GF PE Pressure System

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