Non-revenue water

Non-revenue water

The challenges facing water utilities

Within discussions centered around sustainability, water scarcity, and the conservation of precious resources, one topic regularly covered is how utilities can better solve the challenge of water loss within their network. The need to protect precious resources and reduce water loss to more acceptable levels has made non-revenue water (NRW) one of the most challenging problems for water utility owners and operators to overcome.

Non-revenue water is the difference between the water entering a distribution system and the amount billed to water consumers. NRW is not the only actual loss of water, such as leakage or pipe bursts, but it also can impact all levels – from water abstraction to billing. Causes are as diverse as they are complicated to identify and measure, making NRW a major topic to ensure the future of resilient utilities.

Solving water loss for life - Water network performance solutions

From planning through to operation and beyond

Solving water loss affects all aspects of the water cycle

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Rehabilitate your network
$39 billion annually.

Lost water is lost revenue

It costs $39 billion annually for utilities. 1/3 of utilities report loss of more than 40% due to leaks.

77 liters per day.

Preserve what is precious

What if you could save 77 liters of water per day? This is the amount of non-revenue water per capita which is lost down the drain.

225.000 tons of CO2.

Make a difference

In the US a 5% reduction of water leakage can save up to 225,000 metric tons of CO2 annually, the equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of 14.000 US citizens


The economic impact & challenges facing water utilities