New Heroes: Big. Red & Strong.

New Heroes: Big. Red & Strong.

Tackling water pipe repairs or maintenance can feel like a tough venture or a race against time. No matter the challenge, you deserve reliable champions by your side – the MULTI/JOINT® 3000 family welcomes the New Heroes ranging from DN900 up to DN1025.

Meet our New Heroes as they encompass all the qualities you have come to expect from the MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Plus present in the water and gas market for more than 30 years. With impressive new sizes in ranges – DN900, DN925, DN1000, and DN1025 – the MULTI/JOINT® is one of the largest pull-out resistant fittings for water applications on the market. The new fittings come with a lifespan of 50 years, which is a known property of the entire MULTI/JOINT® family, promising a lasting solution for your needs. Much like legendary heroes, they are prepared for the long haul, providing strength, remarkable flexibility and unwavering support in water applications. In essence, they are big, red and strong.

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Explore the New Heroes in larger dimensions including DN900, DN925, DN1000 & DN1025 for water applications up to 10 bar. 

Welcome the wide-ranging capabilities of MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Plus, where the ‘one-size fits and grips all’ approach adapts seamlessly to different pipe materials and diameters, allowing you to streamline stock management and resource utilization. MULTI/JOINT® is suitable for various pipe materials, including AC, PE, PVC(O), GRP, (stainless) steel, (ductile) cast iron, and more, showcasing its true versatility.

Our new MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Plus line extension is coated with the well-known red Resicoat® epoxy powder. This high-quality epoxy powder coating on ductile iron components guarantees lasting reliability and robust connections. The finishing is corrosion-proof and approved by GSK. (GSK=The German Quality Assurance Association for Heavy-Duty Corrosion Protection)

The restraint fittings are suitable for applications in water up to 10 bar and the non-restraint connections are designed for water pressure up to 16 bar. With a remarkable life expectancy of 50 years, our pipe connection system provides safe and reliable connections to ensure your peace of mind.

Quick, safe and simple

The MULTI/JOINT 3000 Plus pipe connection system offers a quick, safe and simple repair solution for distribution grids.

Long service life

With their Resicoat® epoxy powder coating, all MULTI/JOINT 3000 Plus products are corrosion-resistant, having earned their reputation for quality on the international market for over 30 years.

Flexible and comprehensive

MULTI/JOINT 3000 Plus is suitable for all pipe materials, offering a wide range for restraint and non-restraint connections. Thanks to the one-size fits and grips all principle, stock costs can be saved.

Ease of installation

MULTI/JOINT 3000 Plus fittings have easily accessible bolts and can be mounted without special tools. Time-consuming welding or flanging is no longer required.

Key features of our pipe connection system

Enormous versatility regarding pipe materials

Experience the adaptability of MULTI/JOINT® pipe connections, compatible with a wide range of pipe materials like AC, PE, PVC(O), GRP, (stainless) steel, (ductile) cast iron, and more.

Highest standard with a state-of-the-art sealing system

Featuring a patented restraint sealing system, the wide range of MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Plus fittings ensure a secure and leak-tight connection above and below ground. The MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Plus is approved and certified worldwide. All the components are of the highest quality to ensure your peace of mind.

Quick, safe and simple repair solution

The ductile iron fittings are quick, safe and simple to install –in around ten minutes. There is no need for disassembly thanks to the one-piece stab-fit principle and easy to install without special tools. The system is reusable and has an internationally proven track record for over 30 years, making it a trusted choice for professionals worldwide.

Flexible and versatile

The new dimensions fittings have a restraint working pressure of water applications up to 10 bar. Thanks to an angularity of 8 degrees per socket end (16˚ total), these connections allow for flexible installation in multiple conditions.