Solving water loss for life

Preserving what is precious

We strive to conserve natural resources both in our daily business and in how our products are used in customer applications. By focusing on our core competence – water treatment and the safe transport of liquids – we help to ensure that the valuable resource water is used economically.

GF Corys provides innovative products and solutions to help solve water loss and reduce non-revenue water for utilities. State-of-the-art pressure management technologies and long-lasting, corrosion-free polyethylene (PE) plastic piping solutions can help utilities mitigate the worldwide loss of drinking water due to leakages in aging infrastructure.

We are protecting over-pressurized piping infrastructure while delivering stable flow capacity, testing the leak tightness of piping joints using Ultrasonic Non-Disruptive-Testing capabilities, and reducing corrosion with engineered plastic solutions.

Whether combined or individually applied, our goal is to use our pioneering technology and domain expertise to help reduce the estimated USD 39 billion of non-revenue water lost annually1 and solve water loss for life.

1. Roland Liemberger & Alan Wyatt. “Quantifying the global non-revenue water problem”

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Focus Topics

Water network solutions for utilities

Non-revenue water

The challenges facing water utilities

NRW (Non-revenue water) is the difference between the water entering a distribution system and the amount billed to water consumers. NRW is not the only actual loss of water, such as leakage or pipe bursts, but it also can impact all levels – from water abstraction to billing. Causes are as diverse as they are complicated to identify and measure, making NRW a major topic to ensure the future of resilient utilities.

Water distribution

Water distribution

Keep your flow under control

Our optimized water distribution solutions help you lower costs and increase safety.

Pressure Management for utilities

Pressure Management for utilities

NeoFlow PRV - Compact, intelligent and low maintenance

NeoFlow PRV allows intelligent balance, precise and optimized pressure management to create complete harmony with your water distribution network.

Rehabilitate your network

The new Big 5

Bigger and better! The MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Plus family welcomes the new Big 5: restraint fittings in sizes from DN625 up to DN825. Your big repair and maintenance solution.


The economic impact & challenges facing water utilities


Keeping the water flowing