Arabian Ranches, Dubai

Sustainable Construction Practices: How Technocore Technology is Making Arabian Ranches III More Eco-Friendly 


Introducing Arabian Ranches III 


Arabian Ranches III is a sprawling villa community located in Dubai, UAE. Designed for families, this community provides a secure and tranquil environment that spans an impressive 1,650 acres, and is home to a variety of luxury villas, townhouses, and low-rise apartments, complete with a vibrant town center that offers a variety of retail and dining options, as well as a medical clinic and a nursery school. 


The Challenge of Sustainability  


As part of UAE’s Green Economy for Sustainable Development initiative, sustainability has always been at the heart of every project. One of the challenges for this project was to improve the water and wastewater systems while reducing the environmental impact and ensuring they were cost-effective and efficient. The project aimed to lower water consumption and minimized wastewater production by implementing sustainable practices and technologies. 


Technocore: The Key to Sustainable Piping Solution 


Wade Adams, our contracting strategic partner, shared our vision of supporting UAE’s sustainability initiative by delivering sustainable solutions in the construction industry. through the use of our Technocore Technology. 


Technocore pipes are manufactured using a more complex production process, which involves the use of three distinct layers. The use of multilayer pipe technology offers several benefits for sustainable construction. Firstly, it provides improved performance and durability, which can reduce the need for frequent replacements and repairs, thereby reducing waste and conserving resources.  


Additionally, the use of Technocore pipes can help to lower the carbon footprint of a building or infrastructure project, as they require fewer raw materials and energy during production than traditional pipe systems. 


Furthermore, Technocore pipes are designed to be highly efficient, with smooth interior surfaces that minimize friction and reduce energy consumption. They are also resistant to corrosion, which can help to prolong the life of the piping system and reduce the need for costly maintenance. 


We supplied 12,200 meters of pipes and fittings that offer long service life and high performance.   





We believe that sustainability is not just about reducing our impact on the environment, it’s also about making a positive difference to the people living and working within our buildings and developments.”  -Wade Adams Contracting LLC.  


Arabian Ranches III’s sustainable piping systems through the use of Technocore demonstrates Wade Adams and  GF Corys’ long-standing commitment to sustainable construction practices. 


Together, we can make a significant impact on our planet by providing sustainable solutions in our infrastructure projects that conserve resources, reduce waste, and minimize our environmental footprint.