Water features

In our increasingly urbanized landscape, water features have become of greater importance. From playful indoor pools to tranquil exterior fountains to soaring waterfalls and grand lakes of enormous proportions, water features serve as aesthetic purposes, but just as often they act as centers of activity or promoting sustainability. They can take countless different forms and serve multiple different purposes.

Our piping systems and solutions for water supply, irrigation networks, control valves, conduits and drainage have been engineered to provide dependable performance for today’s agricultural sector, manufactured to internationally accredited standards and approved by local municipalities. Additionally, we offer a wide range of geomembranes, geotextiles, root barriers, geocells and geogrid, to further compliment our extensive product offering.

Designers need to be considerate towards easy solutions for maintenance in and out of water;   lower microbe accumulation systems; specialized systems for compact pump rooms; pre-fabricated spools for easy and reliable installation.

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