Irrigation & Agriculture

Agriculture & Farming

Agriculture & farming

Agriculture and farming has been shaped by technological advances, with plastic piping systems being an essential driver towards water conservation and the environment. The extensive use of water and water supply requires careful balancing, coupled with managing the tremendous pressure on natural groundwater resources, desalination processes and recycling.


Agricultural technology is aimed at improving yield, productivity and profitability and has a strong focus on resilient and sustainable production practices to improve food security. Piping systems and the management of water therefore form an integral part of any facility design in the agritech business.

Golf courses

Golf courses are naturally demanding projects, with architects paying particular attention to the location and topography relative to the design itself. The landscape and  playing features require constant management, with irrigation, drainage, water conservation and control essential for ground maintenance.

Highway beautification

In our increasingly urbanized highway landscape, beautification of roadside areas has become of greater importance. Demand therefore for cost effective and innovative piping solutions has significantly increased to create an environmentally sustainable world-class infrastructure, often incorporating stormwater management systems to help protect the built environment.

Parks & landscaping

Public parklands are wonderful places for social interaction, recreation, leisure, sporting activity, exercise, rest and relaxation. Good quality parklands are valuable community assets that require well-considered planning, design and management to achieve optimal levels of amenity and functional performance. Piping systems play a significant role in effective water management and maintenance of these large landscapes thereby creating a space for positive social interaction for people of all ages and abilities. 

Sports grounds

Sport grounds are particularly demanding projects when it comes to irrigation & piping systems. They must be properly drained and aired, and the turf has to be kept healthy and looking good at all times. Designed correctly drainage and irrigation systems can assist in delivering sustainable development and improving the spaces where we play. The overall objective is to increase athletes' performance and consistency.

Swimming pools

The piping found in the plumbing system of a swimming pool plays an integral role because it is the one responsible for bringing safe and clean water. When it comes to the piping that is used for swimming pool installation, the type you choose can have a significant impact on the overall quality of the installation and the lifespan of the pool system. The focus is on the optimal utilization of the water resources and providing integrated and hygienic piping systems.

Water features

In our increasingly urbanized landscape, water features have become of greater importance. From playful indoor pools to tranquil exterior fountains to soaring waterfalls and grand lakes of enormous proportions, water features serve as aesthetic purposes, but just as often they act as centers of activity or promoting sustainability. They can take countless different forms and serve multiple different purposes.