Sports grounds

Sport grounds are particularly demanding projects when it comes to irrigation & piping systems. They must be properly drained and aired, and the turf has to be kept healthy and looking good at all times. Designed correctly drainage and irrigation systems can assist in delivering sustainable development and improving the spaces where we play. The overall objective is to increase athletes’ performance and consistency.

Our piping systems and solutions for water supply, irrigation networks, control valves, conduits and drainage have been engineered to provide dependable performance for today’s agricultural sector, manufactured to internationally accredited standards and approved by local municipalities. Additionally, we offer a wide range of geomembranes, geotextiles, root barriers, geocells and geogrid, to further compliment our extensive product offering.

Some of the key design considerations at the early stage is to ensure excessive water to be properly drained and managed to avoid pods or water stagnation, whilst an excessive hot climate could dry the turf, depriving it from a natural green color and making it difficult for players to conduct their activities.

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