Power plants require a variety of chemicals in order to maintain the process of energy generation. The most sensitive application areas are cooling and boiler water treatment, since a failure here impacts directly the continuity of the energy generation process, often by chemical corrosion. The cooling of media used is a key requirement in a variety of processes. Water used for power plant cooling is chemically altered for the purpose of extending the useful life of the associated equipment, and to ensure greater system reliability.

Our piping systems and solutions for chemical processing, cooling, storage, containment, and safe transportation of fluids where temperatures, pressures and chemical concentration are critical, have been engineered to provide dependable performance and jointing technology for industrial use.

Some of the key design considerations whilst working on a piping network for the power industry are reliable and long-lasting piping systems that also ensure safety, efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, it needs to lower the overall maintenance cost and overall contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.

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