Parks & landscaping

Public parklands are wonderful places for social interaction, recreation, leisure, sporting activity, exercise, rest and relaxation. Good quality parklands are valuable community assets that require well-considered planning, design and management to achieve optimal levels of amenity and functional performance. Piping systems play a significant role in effective water management and maintenance of these large landscapes thereby creating a space for positive social interaction for people of all ages and abilities.

Our piping systems and solutions for water supply, irrigation networks, control valves, conduits and drainage have been engineered to provide dependable performance for today’s agricultural sector, manufactured to internationally accredited standards and approved by local municipalities. Additionally, we offer a wide range of geomembranes, geotextiles, root barriers, geocells and geogrid, to further compliment our extensive product offering.

Key consideration needs to be adopted at the planning and design stage to ensure efficient use and protection of water resources. Designers need to take into account the soil type, slope, levelness of the field, stream size, and length of run to effectively plan the most efficient piping system. Modern day drip irrigation systems with emitters located at different spacing along with a sprinkler irrigation method to apply water in a controlled manner needs to be considered.

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