In the marine industry, when building offshore rigs, cruise ships, boats and luxury yachts, low weight, marine class approved pipes are required. Plastic can save weight compared to metal, and it is less liable to corrosion. Saving weight on ships also means to give more space to passengers and it results in less fuel consumption. In such fast-paced environments, low maintenance is also a key aspect to consider.

Our piping systems and solutions for chemical processing, cooling, storage, containment, and safe transportation of fluids where temperatures, pressures and chemical concentration are critical, have been engineered to provide dependable performance and jointing technology for industrial use.

Some of the key design consideration whilst working on a piping network for the marine industry are usage of non-corrosive solutions, reliable and long-lasting piping systems that also ensure safety, efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, it needs to lower the overall maintenance cost and overall contribute in reducing the carbon footprint.

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