Highway beautification

Highway Beautification

In our increasingly urbanized highway landscape, beautification of roadside areas has become of greater importance. Demand therefore for cost effective and innovative piping solutions has significantly increased to create an environmentally sustainable world-class infrastructure, often incorporating stormwater management systems to help protect the built environment.

Our piping systems and solutions for water supply, irrigation networks, control valves, conduits and drainage have been engineered to provide dependable performance, manufactured to internationally accredited standards and approved by local municipalities. Additionally, we offer a wide range of geomembranes, geotextiles, root barriers, geocells and geogrid, to further compliment our extensive product offering.

Designing a well defined piping system for a large network of highways is both challenging and demanding especially considering hot weather regions.  Many considerations have to be taken, from water quantity to valve pressure, and most of all the system can’t encroach the highway right-of-way. Low maintenance is also required, in order not to interrupt the daily function of the highway and have a year round greenery.

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