Chemical process

The piping systems in chemical production are subjected to extreme conditions. Aggressive substances need to be transported and processed, which places high demands on the system solutions. Besides being very reliable, these need to afford safety and efficiency as well as maximum corrosion protection. Transporting chemicals from their storage place to the actual process application must be planned and carried out reliably and safely. For the components of the piping system this means the materials used must be one hundred percent compatible with the properties of the chemicals.

Our piping systems and solutions for chemical processing, cooling, storage, containment and safe transportation of fluids where temperatures, pressures and chemical concentration are critical, have been engineered to provide dependable performance and jointing technology for industrial use.

With multiple elements to be considered when designing transportation infrastructure, key design criteria will include safety and serviceability in use, ease of construction, durability, value to build and maintain and compliance with principles of sustainability.

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