Agricultural technology is aimed at improving yield, productivity and profitability and has a strong focus on resilient and sustainable production practices to improve food security. Piping systems and the management of water therefore form an integral part of any facility design in the agritech business.

Our piping systems and solutions for water supply, irrigation networks, control valves, conduits and drainage have been engineered to provide dependable performance for today’s agricultural sector, manufactured to internationally accredited standards and approved by local municipalities. Additionally, we offer a wide range of geomembranes, geotextiles, root barriers, geocells and geogrid, to further compliment our extensive product offering.

Government policies continue to drive local food production, where the use of water requires careful optimization, combining efficiencies and automation to ensure sustainable practices. Well designed piping systems and accurate process monitoring allows for more to be produced with less, as climate change affects local weather patterns, water scarcity, and growing conditions.

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