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Agriculture & Farming

Agriculture & farming

Agriculture and farming has been shaped by technological advances, with plastic piping systems being an essential driver towards water conservation and the environment. The extensive use of water and water supply requires careful balancing, coupled with managing the tremendous pressure on natural groundwater resources, desalination processes and recycling.


Agricultural technology is aimed at improving yield, productivity and profitability and has a strong focus on resilient and sustainable production practices to improve food security. Piping systems and the management of water therefore form an integral part of any facility design in the agritech business.

Golf courses

Golf courses are naturally demanding projects, with architects paying particular attention to the location and topography relative to the design itself. The landscape and  playing features require constant management, with irrigation, drainage, water conservation and control essential for ground maintenance.

Highway beautification

In our increasingly urbanized highway landscape, beautification of roadside areas has become of greater importance. Demand therefore for cost effective and innovative piping solutions has significantly increased to create an environmentally sustainable world-class infrastructure, often incorporating stormwater management systems to help protect the built environment.

Parks & landscaping

Public parklands are wonderful places for social interaction, recreation, leisure, sporting activity, exercise, rest and relaxation. Good quality parklands are valuable community assets that require well-considered planning, design and management to achieve optimal levels of amenity and functional performance. Piping systems play a significant role in effective water management and maintenance of these large landscapes thereby creating a space for positive social interaction for people of all ages and abilities. 

Sports grounds

Sport grounds are particularly demanding projects when it comes to irrigation & piping systems. They must be properly drained and aired, and the turf has to be kept healthy and looking good at all times. Designed correctly drainage and irrigation systems can assist in delivering sustainable development and improving the spaces where we play. The overall objective is to increase athletes' performance and consistency.

Swimming pools

The piping found in the plumbing system of a swimming pool plays an integral role because it is the one responsible for bringing safe and clean water. When it comes to the piping that is used for swimming pool installation, the type you choose can have a significant impact on the overall quality of the installation and the lifespan of the pool system. The focus is on the optimal utilization of the water resources and providing integrated and hygienic piping systems.

Water features

In our increasingly urbanized landscape, water features have become of greater importance. From playful indoor pools to tranquil exterior fountains to soaring waterfalls and grand lakes of enormous proportions, water features serve as aesthetic purposes, but just as often they act as centers of activity or promoting sustainability. They can take countless different forms and serve multiple different purposes.


In the water and drinking water treatment, piping systems must have good flow characteristics and excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. Designers need to deliver an efficient solution whose standards of hygiene must comply with applicable local municipality codes and practices.

Chemical process

The piping systems in chemical production are subjected to extreme conditions. Aggressive substances need to be transported and processed, which places high demands on the system solutions. Besides being very reliable, these need to afford safety and efficiency as well as maximum corrosion protection. Transporting chemicals from their storage place to the actual process application must be planned and carried out reliably and safely. For the components of the piping system this means the materials used must be one hundred percent compatible with the properties of the chemicals.


In the marine industry, when building offshore rigs, cruise ships, boats and luxury yachts, low weight, marine class approved pipes are required. Plastic can save weight compared to metal, and it is less liable to corrosion. Saving weight on ships also means to give more space to passengers and it results in less fuel consumption. In such fast-paced environments, low maintenance is also a key aspect to consider.


Food processing plants require professional process piping systems capable of providing reliable and safe cooling and heating solutions, managing chemical corrosive products, and most of all guaranteeing potable, high-quality water.


Power plants require a variety of chemicals in order to maintain the process of energy generation. The most sensitive application areas are cooling and boiler water treatment, since a failure here impacts directly the continuity of the energy generation process, often by chemical corrosion. The cooling of media used is a key requirement in a variety of processes. Water used for power plant cooling is chemically altered for the purpose of extending the useful life of the associated equipment, and to ensure greater system reliability.

High rise & mixed-use developments

Building services play an indispensable role in the overall layout and internal design of high rise buildings, where performance and functionality are key elements. The location of plant areas, service risers and distribution routes are essential to an optimum design to allow operation at maximum capacity without impacting on the occupants.

Hotels & hospitality

MEP solutions have a crucial function to enhance comfort and high-quality services when designing hotels and hospitality buildings layout. The location of plant areas, service risers and distribution routes are essential to an optimum design to allow operation at maximum capacity without impacting on the occupants.

Hospitals & healthcare

Healthcare presents a unique set of circumstances and considerations when planning, installing and maintaining plumbing systems. The location of plant areas, service risers and distribution routes are crucial to an optimum design to allow operation at maximum capacity and a perfect hygiene level without being detrimental to the environment.

Residential & villas

Residential and villa homeowners equally seek durable pipework systems, providing safe and reliable, on-demand plumbing solutions in urban environments through the supply and distribution of utility services and the discrete disposal of waste.

Retail & leisure

Reliable and flexible building services play a vital role in the overall layout and internal design of retail & leisure facilities. The location of plant areas, services and distribution routes are essential to facilitate an optimum design and maximizing retail space.

Transportation, railways & airports

Transportation hubs play an integral regional role of the major infrastructure, with pipework systems providing essential services to ensure efficient and secure solutions as part of key design criteria.

Roads & bridges

Utility pipework and manholes for roads and bridges form an integral part of the highway infrastructure, where safety & value are key criteria in system selection to allow provision of essential services and protection of assets.

Utility pipelines

Utility pipelines form an integral part of the urban infrastructure, where application and compliance are key criteria in system selection. Given the impact on our built environment, long term responsibility and maintenance programs will be developed to ensure appropriate operation in accordance with local guidelines.
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