Health & Safety

Safety is part of our culture

From our Managing Director to our newest employee we are all part of the safety team. Each one of us has a responsibility to reduce risk and keep ourselves, our colleagues, customers and the public safe.

OHSAS 45001

GF Corys (then know as Hepworth PME) was the first piping company in the UAE to achieve ISO45001:2018 certification. We like to lead the way and set the standards, especially when it comes to the safety, health and well being of our team.

Not only does ISO45001 give us a structure and process to work to but it also ensures we remain up to date and compliant with all the latest safety legislation

  • Abu Dhabi factory – OSHAD (Occupational Safety and Health Management System Abu Dhabi) approval from Industrial Development Bureau – Department of Economic Development Abu Dhabi .
  • Abu Dhabi factory – Civil Defense Certification for our factory building
  • Dubai warehouse – Dubai Civil Defense Certification for W/H Buildings
  • Dubai Factory – Dubai Civil Defense Certification for LPG tank and Network at Factory Building
  • Dubai warehouse – Dangerous Goods (Chemicals) Storage Permit by DXB Municipality

Measuring performance

  • Our goal is zero injuries
  • Measuring and benchmarking our safety performance against our industry peers and using internationally recognised metrics gives us no room for complacency
  • World class safety performance can only be achieved when a team is engaged and motivated. We are extremely proud that our team is consistently performing at world class or better levels!

Continuous improvement

  • We are always looking for new ways to operate more safely
  • In order to provide our customers with the best service we can we load our vehicles at night for delivery the next day
  • Installing “Halo” lights on our fork trucks is a great solution for reducing the risk of night time operations
  • Unavailable in the UAE our team sourced and installed the first of these lights in 2021
  • Identifying and then eliminating or managing risk is a process that has no end and requires involvement from everyone