Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

GF Corys and its parent company (Green Coast Enterprises LLC) believe in fair and ethical dealings with all its stakeholders. To support this objective, we have developed Core Values that represent our essential beliefs, serve as guiding principles to our employees and represent us to the external world. We have also implemented ‘Standards of Employee Conduct (SEC)’ that provide guidance to the employees in conducting transactions and dealings. We also remain committed to a full compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. GF Corys and the Group have zero tolerance towards fraud, corruption, unethical or illegal practices. We, therefore, provide a mechanism to report such cases, which are independently reviewed and investigated on merit. The cases of fraud, corruption, unethical or illegal conduct can be reported at: Please provide the evidence/supporting documents to substantiate your concern or complaint. The above email ID should only be used for reporting cases of fraud, corruption, unethical or illegal practices. Any irrelevant matters reported on this email ID will be disregarded.


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