Warehouse Administrator

Department: Supply Chain
Location: United Arab Emirates (Dubai)
Status: Full time contract


Performs end to end activities related to digitalising of delivery notes in ERP and storing in SharePoint/common folder.


  • Responsible for updating the signed delivery note information in ERP system.
  • Ontime action to be taken on discrepancy POD doc at the time of POD receipt.
  • Scanning documents and saving them in the common folder.
  • Ensures deliveries are planned effectively prioritizing plan considering customer wise v/s area/location/capacity and updates system, maintains accurate delivery records.
  • Responsible for clarifying queries raised by the billing team regarding signed delivery notes and their submissions.
  • Prints delivery notes and invoices/MTC & cross verify from pick slip lines/Qty Vs DN/Invoice lines/Qty and hand over to drivers.
  • Follow all standards for issuing and receiving stock within the store’s area of operation.
  • Responsible for indexing of the documents and delivery notes for easy future reference.
  • Takes delivery of material from Supplier/production and ensure that quantity, quality, and other specifications are in accordance with the relevant PO.
  • Assists in physical count of inventory, as required, for reconciliation with system data.
  • Conducts random check to ensure that storage location of material handed over to stores matches with the location entered in the ERP.
  • Help maintain a safe and orderly environment of the facilities.


  • High school graduate with at least 2 years’ experience in stores, preferably in a manufacturing industry
  • At least basic level of computer knowledge
  • Working knowledge of MS Excel & MS Outlook will be an advantage.
  • Acceptable communication skills in English. Should be able to read the documents, delivery notes for digital filing and indexing.
  • Prior experience in document management like checking, indexing, digitalising, and filing is preferred but not mandatory.

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