Demand Planning Executive

Department: Supply Chain
Location: United Arab Emirates (Dubai)
Status: Full time


Acts as the point of contact between the sales and supply team. Ensures B2B orders are placed in timely manner without negatively affecting inventory values through over ordering. Leads regular demand review meetings with channel managers as well as Qatar and Oman business units to ensure supply is aligned with commercial requirements. Maintain optimum inventory levels in branches by replenishing stock through DRP (Distribution Requirement Plan) models.


  • Proactively involve in the weekly Demand Review meeting with Channel Managers to ensure that demand planning is aligned to sales needs. Inform Channel Managers of any rescheduling information received from the supply team.
  • Track and update progress on sales orders received and provide necessary reports to the team lead.
  • Prepare bronze B2B (Business to Business) re-orders twice in a week for review and processing.
  • Receives and consolidates critical production requests from Sales team on weekly basis and ensures supply planning is aligned with commercial needs.
  • Continuously monitors inventory levels in UAE branches and initiates replenishment through DRP models.
  • Uses Oracle based ERP systems as well as MS Excel to execute daily operations.
  • Updates the demand forecast data as required to reflect new and / or rejected orders.
  • Lead regular teleconferences with country managers in Oman and Qatar to ensure supply planning is aligned with commercial needs.


  • Bachelor’s Degree with around 3 – 4 years’ experience in Supply Chain.
  • Excellent analytical and negotiating skills.
  • Organized and attention to detail.
  • Ability to prioritize in a highly pressured environment.
  • Good Interpersonal skills/communication skills
  • Good numerical skills
  • Working knowledge in any ERP system & MS Excel

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