Value to the People

We are committed to making GF Corys an exciting place to work. Our employees, a mix of 22 different nationalities, are our most valuable assets and we believe in encouraging them to bring out the best.

That’s why we are building a working environment that is careful over diversity and inclusion, where everyone is part of group success. We act to promote care over safety, sharing knowledge and innovation. At GF Corys, you’ll team up with some of the best and brightest in the piping industry around the world to create innovative engineering solutions.

Come together: employee activities and events

Our employees are our family and closest friends. We enjoy spending time together and are constantly engaged in training programs and fun activities: from yoga retreats to HDPE jointing training, everyday at GF Corys is an exciting gift!

Our learning culture

You don’t need to already be an expert when you join us: we value your potential and interest and foster it to make sure you feel fulfilled and satisfied.

A wide range of training programs help our employees upgrade their skills and get better at what they do. We believe in education and encourage our people in always challenging themselves to improve capabilities and become talents. Never stop learning in GF Corys!

Work-life balance

Some people say that you can’t do a good job if your job is all you do. As challenging as it might get working in GF Corys, we encourage employees to have a healthy work-life balance. From health sessions during office hours (who said this has to wait until you leave office?) to making it mandatory to take days off, we are one of the few companies around who provide annual tickets to our entire blue collar workforce!


Standards of employee conduct


Internship with us