Recognition program

Creating a workplace where people can flourish

Respect is the value that underpins our interactions. Creating an inclusive workplace where all employees can be heard and their needs met, is key to helping everyone contribute their best.
Employees are our most valuable asset. They are the mainstay of GF Corys’s sustainable development.

Employee professional development remains one of our priorities, and this includes our commitment to continually train employees and offer them the needed growth in their career paths. We value diversity and inclusion, and want to bring together bright minds from across the globe. We are working to make GF Corys an attractive space where outstanding people can create and share value together.

Share your idea program

“SHARE YOUR IDEA” Program has been introduced to encourage participation of employees in creating greater business efficiencies across the group. The program will provide a channel for employees to share innovative ideas that will bring a positive change within and outside their area of work.

Employee referral scheme

Employee referrals have proven to be a very effective tool in closing roles as this not only helps in saving on the time spent in sourcing, but it helps us in getting relevant profiles since our employees understand the business and roles within. The purpose of this Program is to encourage and reward employees who have contributed to attracting candidates for a position.

Core value and appreciation awards

We are committed to making GF Corys an exciting place to work. Our employees are our most valuable assets, and we believe in encouraging them to bring out the best. We see them as the mainstay of GF Corys’ sustainable development.

Our employees are nominated on a quarterly basis by different teams and, after careful deliberations by the Employee Awards Committee, their contribution to the workplace is fully and publicly recognized through the quarterly Core Values and Appreciation Awards.


Our core values


Standards of employee conduct