Why GF Corys is a sustainable choice

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. GF Corys fully understands the importance of contributing to the global sustainability effort: we want to help shape tomorrow’s communities by improving sustainability in terms of energy use and waste disposal.

That’s why we provide energy-efficient, environmentally friendly products and services, and support our customers in lowering their CO₂ output. We are committed to working for good health and well-being, clean water and sanitation, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, as well as fighting for climate action.

We make everyday use of environment performance statistics such as:

  • Energy Consumption & Solar Energy Impact;
  • Waste recycling rate (%) – (99% of production waste is recycled);
  • Air quality Test for better Indoor Air Quality;
  • Hazardous waste segregation and disposal.

Sustainable plastics

We have conducted a life cycle analysis to identify the best pipes for sustainability, from raw materials and manufacturing through product use and end-of-life disposal. Our products are manufactured in the full respect of good health and well-being. GF Corys polymer pipes and solutions guarantee the highest performance and durability whilst offering a lower product environment footprint than the alternative materials. Our manufacturers have been committed to recycling and reuse in order to ensure circularity of plastic pipes by good quality standards, testing and processes.

Less waste to dispose

At GF Corys 99.5% of production waste is either reused or recycled through appointed vendors, therefore reducing disposal to the landfills. We are aware that many industrial processes involve highly acidic ingredients, water or other substances that can cause piping to corrode. Our thermoplastics are specially engineered to decrease the likelihood of corrosion when used with a range of chemicals, thus reducing waste materials to dispose.

Low carbon footprint

We consistently measure our carbon footprint in consonance with internationally recognized standards. Our products are safely manufactured and delivered within the UAE markets considering evaluating factors as Electricity usage (Kwh) and diesel consumption (liters). We aim to reduce GreenHouse Gas Emissions and align with sustainability goals according to UN standards. We currently produce  25% of overall electricity from installed solar panels. Also our logistics are planned in order to reduce carbon emissions.

Clean energy

Thanks to the solar initiatives installed by SirajPower at GF Corys, we will add another 5% of solar power to the current utilization bringing it to a total of 25% of overall electricity produced from panels. This overarching solar canopy at our Dubai Investment Park manufacturing plant is the third solar initiative installed by SirajPower at Hepworth, in addition to the rooftop and car park solar systems, which have been operational for 4 years. The solar canopy serves the dual purpose of shading outdoor stored materials from direct sunlight while making use of the area to generate clean energy. This innovative solution is possible today due to the decline in the cost of solar energy, where SirajPower continues to innovate by customizing solar solutions that integrate into available spaces for new and existing clients, to provide additional sustainable savings. The 400 kWp solar canopy is a visual reminder of Hepworth’s commitment to a sustainable future and is expected to generate 700 MWh of clean energy.

Little actions add up!

A foremost aspect of internal sustainable management is a sustainable office. A sustainable workplace increases employee productivity, has a lower carbon footprint, stimulates the use of reusable and local products, and simply represents a healthy workplace. Every day at GF Corys we implement simple steps to work together towards a greener future. We have strict policies regarding waste disposal and energy management:

Office waste management:

We don’t have waste bins at individual workplaces. Common bins with segregation of paper and general waste are provided in the common areas, while food waste is disposed in the canteen; Paper waste is shredded and then recycled through our appointed vendor; We no longer allow plastic water bottles or cups. Water dispensers have been provided in various locations to ensure that water is readily available for staff and visitors. If requested, glass bottles will be provided.
E-waste management:

All employees are requested to handover electronic waste (including personal items) to appointed collection points.

Electricity optimisation:

Motion detector-based sensor lights are installed in common areas such as meeting rooms, individual offices and canteen areas; Red light bulbs and tube lights are replaced with LED lights.

Print management:

We request a concerted effort to limit printing of documents and encourage sharing digital communications wherever possible.

We are ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (Ems) certified

An environmental management system like ISO 14001 is becoming even more important as we move into a new decade that will be underpinned by environmental concerns and minimizing our impact on the Earth. From the outset, certifying GF Corys operations with a system like ISO 14001 has illustrated to its customers, suppliers and external stakeholders that GF Corys is committed to being an environmentally sustainable organization. ISO 14001 is an internationally-recognized framework that provides organizations with the requirements of an environmental management system. This Environmental Management System allows us to minimize its impact on the environment, and optimize its environmental outputs through a framework that helps to identify environmental risks, as well as areas an organization can consolidate its efforts to become more environmentally friendly.


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